Edgar Gilbert Lefebvre

Personal Background

Edgar Gilbert Lefebvre was born and raised as a Métis (un Canadien-Français) in small town Noëlville (region de la Rivière-des-Français), Ontario in 1962. Edgar is a descendant of a Ville-Marie (Montreal) Métis family dating back to 1676. His ancestor Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre, was a Métis Voyageur in 1678. His passion is the discovery of his Métis roots and culture.


Edgar Lefebvre, President of Métis Nation of Canada

Career Background

After his college years in Sudbury, Edgar relocated to Southern Ontario to pursue employment opportunities in various fields. In 1993, Edgar relocated his family to Ottawa and worked for the Bank-of-Canada to 1995. He then relocated back to Niagara and started a partnership in the relocation industry in 1995 to present day. Edgar’s career in Metis politics started in 2012, as the appointed Finance Minister on November 10, 2012. A new appointment of interim President was given in February, 2013, after David Bouchard’s decision to step-down as President. Edgar aspires to advance the Metis agenda by:

  1. continuing to advance Métis rights;
  2. promoting Métis pride, identity and culture;
  3. supporting Métis individuals, families and communities; and
  4. strengthening the MNOC’s financial management and accountability.

Successes in these areas will be achieved by building strategic relationships with other Governments, industry, First Nations and stakeholders as well as creating opportunities for Métis people across Canada to continue to work together for a strong Métis Nation across Canada.


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