Bryce Douglas Fequet

Bryce, Founder

Founder Bryce Douglas Fequet

The Métis Nation of Canada was founded to Protect, Preserve and Promote the Métis People’s Identity, Culture and their Existence by restoring their Dignity and Rights with respect. The Métis Nation of Canada is a registered National non-profit Federally Incorporated Aboriginal Metis organization.

The Métis People of Canada are Indigenous and whose genesis began during contact between European Men, the Inuit and Indian women. Throughout the evolutionary history of the Métis People there has been discrimination, abuse and a continual threat to their identity, their existence, their dignity and rights.

In Canada Métis People live, work and play. Many of our Métis People do not know that they are Métis, because this identity was hidden from them, purposely, to protect and shield them from a similar fate endured by the Métis People of the past.

In this time, during our lives, we are capable, and if we are willing, to acknowledge the truth, we may correct some of histories past mistakes. We cannot change the past but we can, through education and togetherness, become a proud Métis Nation for the future.

There is a need to develop a critical understanding of the Métis People, their place in past history and their place in the future. There needs to be an inclusive approach in all aspects of development for Métis People and the Métis Nation of Canada.

The Métis Nation of Canada, by building partnerships, with existing Métis organizations and others can and will further the wellbeing of all people, together we can make a difference. Join the Métis Nation of Canada, as a Métis or as an Associate member, you are welcome to be part of our growing family.

Founded to Support All Métis from All Regions

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