Our Mission

  • To protect, preserve and promote our Métis People's Identity, Heritage and Culture within Canada.
  • To improve the Social, Health and Economic Independance of the Métis People by providing Health Services, Education, Training and Business Opportunities within Canada.
  • To promote better understanding between Métis People and the General Public.
  • To promote and improve communication between Métis People within Canada.
  • To promote Self-Government for the Métis People within Canada.
  • To establish responsible Harvesting Rights and Regulations for the Métis People within Canada.
  • To establish Mobility Rights for the Métis People between Canada and the United States of America.
  • To initiate and affirm Land Claims for the Métis People of Canada within Canada.
    To act upon and pursue all issues for the well being and best interest of the Métis People of Canada.


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